Krump + Freestyle Workshop

If you haven’t heard about it, we have a FEMALE ONLY workshop coming this Saturday!


Yes, we invite all female dancers who want to learn to freestyle and krump to come down and join Darrio Phillips & Melanie Louise on Saturday the 5th of April at 5:30pm.

Pre-register by contacting Darrio on 0409 772 143

For only TEN Dollars you’ll be learning Basics/Foundations, Krump Culture, Techniques, Freestyles and Grooves.

We look forward to seeing all you ladies getting in on the action!

For more details – click here.


March Madness

March madness is an obsolete term meaning ‘being mad as a March hare’ since during March hares are wilder than at other times (because it’s their breeding season); hence the proverbial saying.

Well, we don’t breed hares at DG but we do dance.

Come into DG any time during the month of March and you can purchase a 20 CLASS PASS for just $160! (Usually $200 – $220)*

Let your friends know and maybe bring your family along as well – for if March is the month of breeding, we welcome  you to help grow our family.


*As per usual, the class pass is valid for one month.

Valentine’s Week and Update

Hey, hope you’re all enjoying Valentine’s week!!

Please remember that if you bring a partner or a friend to class it’s only $5 for them to join the fun! As the week comes to a close and Valentine’s day draws closer, this window is slowly getting smaller. So squeeze a class in and share about some love with our faculty and your friends!

Another quick update is that on the 17th of February Jess’ class is cancelled. I recommend taking the opportunity to check out some different classes otherwise, we will see you back the week after :)

Have a lovely mid-week everyone.


It feels like it’s been such a long time but we are finally OPEN AGAIN FOR 2014!!!!!

Hope you’ve all had a Merry Christmas and a bright New Year!

Why not welcome yourself to a bit of dancing fun and adventure with us at the studio. Remember that the summer holiday deal is still on!

We hope to see you soon

- Dance Generation

Closed for Christmas and New Years

Time to go do what the holiday season beckons!

We will be closed for one week from Monday 23/12/13 to Sunday 5/1/14

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in advance ~ We’ll see you on the new side of 2014!!

Summer holiday special !!

The holidays are here and there’s lots to do!

With so many things to do and precious amounts to spend, why not save some money and do more??
For this summer – DEC 2013 and JAN 2014 we have a special for you all!
A 20 class pass is $100 for ALL and valid the whole 2 months!
They’re only available for purchase until the 15th of December so you have to be quick to get in :)

That’s just $5 a class which means you save up to $120 dollars
Drop by the studio and purchase one these Summer Holidays!

For more info:
Phone: (02) 8971 5595
Mobile: 0410 627 138 (Lenny Choy Fung)

Slender Sneak-Peak

Just a sneaky update on the Halloween Movie Night.

We’re so excited getting ready, we decided that you should all prepare yourselves for a special game we have prepared:

DG presents to you:

The Live Slender Man Game

Be prepared, or prepare to get scared.


Always watching

Always watching…

He’s coming…

He's coming to get you.

He’s HERE…

At Epping Dance Generation Studios’ Halloweek


Unfortunately we have to announce that the Denis Lin workshop on Friday has been cancelled!

Hopefully we will be able to have this opportunity later in the future and despite this, we welcome you all to come by the studio and dance with us during HALLOWEEK.


Join us for FRIGHT NIGHT on Saturday the 2nd of November!!

Trick OR Treat!

It’s definitely a Trick or  Treat week we have installed for you at Dance Generation Studios!!

Get ready for some spooky tricks with our Halloweek themed surprises all week

and to wrap it all up, a Horror movie night marathon filled with fun yet scary movies, games and MORE!

Click here for more information!


Horror night

Thursday 10th October

Just letting everyone know that there is a change to the timetable this coming Thursday! That is the 10th of October!

We have Andrei Mikhail Cabaero (Meeko) coming in to teach Lenny’s 8PM class !!

He’s finally back just for this week so come in and get your share of this talent!

See you there!

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